Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What is 3GPP message analyser?

3GPP message analyser provides a functionality to decode and encode the protocol stack messages between mobile station and network defined by 3GPP standard.

The decoder is a WEB based application for decoding and encoding protocol stack (2G / 3G / LTE) messages defined by 3GPP standard and encoded using ASN.1 algorithm.

Supported protocol stack layers:
  •  GSM (2G) : RLC - Radio Link Control, MAC, RRC - Radio Resource Control 
  •  UMTS (3G) : RRC - Radio Resource Control 
  •  LTE (3.5G/4G) : RRC - Radio Resource Control

  • Showing Hex and Binary representation of the message elements. For comfort of developers the decoder shows all parts of the message in Hex and Binary forms. 
  • Better than Wireshark because Not only decoding of message PDU is possible, but also composing & editing. You can choose version of 3GPP to be used for decoding. 

Table of Supported Messages

Product Benefits
  • saves your time; 
  • reduces errors in manual decoding; 
  • easy to use; 
  • up to date with the latest 3GPP specifications.

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