Wednesday, December 30, 2015

ERROR found in BS EN 15722:2011 "Intelligent transport systems —eSafety — eCall minimum setof data (MSD)"


There seems to be an error in the document BS EN 15722:2011  "Intelligent transport systems —eSafety — eCall minimum set  of data (MSD)" on page 18.

The example MSD message is decoded wrongly: the Decoding in the document mentions value "<isowmi>WMI</isowmi>", while it shall be "<isowmi>WM9</isowmi>".

We have found the error while working on development of our Encoder/Decoder for eCall MSD Messages.

You can check the correct Decoding using our online tool: 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

eCall with a minimum set of emergency related data (MSD)


The topic of "eCall minimum set of data (MSD)" for "Intelligent transport systems" has been defined in Standards since 2011, but only now the companies start to implement the new feature in their products (Telecom Protocol Stacks for car manufacturers).

We have recently added MSD/eCall Encoder/Decoder to our online tool 3GPP Message Analyser:

In this Article we summarize Information about MSD published by 3GPP and British Standard (BSI).