Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to decode/encode SMS Message Content (GSM7 alphabet)

Example message (PDU): 09015D010107919471016700000051040D91945161428518F5000031706211056480454537FD1C769FCBEEB21C1474CBEB669D6245CBC56A319B8C56C3E1623545B80D92D95CB09B0B546F8362315D0D06AAA2E58A245A5E0651CBECF2FADD06 

Below you find list of steps "How to Decode" with description of each step.

(1) In the NAS Message Decoder window paste the message and press "Parse"

(2) In the next window scroll till the end of the message. You will see there the "SMS Message Content". Click on the content to see decoding or to edit the content.

(3) In the next window click "Parse" to decode/encode the content. Click "Apply" to save the new SMS Message Content.

(4) To change the symbol click the symbol and in the new dialog window choose required value.

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