Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to use the Decoder/Encoder?

When you want to analyse & edit a message PDU:

1. Select a necessary protocol type:
2. On the displayed page select message type, 3gpp release etc., enter the message PDU and push [Parse] button. Result of decoding will be displayed.

3. When you click on a parameter value on the result page, a dialog box for the parameter value change will be displayed. Here you can edit the message PDU.

When you want to compose a message PDU from start

1.In step 2 above push [Parse] button without entering PDU (message content). In case of UTRAN/E-UTRAN RRC, the message analysis result with PDU:0000... will be displayed. For other protocols a message selection dialog box will be displayed.

2. In the message selection dialog box select the type of the message to be composed and push [Compose] button. A message analysis result with minimal necessary PDU content will be displayed.

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